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Fabrication Specialists 

Fabrication is something we specialize in and have been doing for over 75 Years. We have been extremely lucky in this industry and have produced some very nice projects. 

We can handle most fabrication requirements and have a very good team of fabricator welders with an array of talent in this industry.   

Welding Each one of our Fabricators have different talents within there time in this industry, But have the same training when it comes to welding, we have them tested every year on there welding skills to make sure we are in the regulations for this.

Welding projects may require a 6mm Fillet and 8mm Fillet we have the training in place to take the more complex projects on.

Fabrication Examples Common examples of fabrication that we do on a regular basis are:

  • Goal Posts 
  • Box Frames 
  • Twined Beams 
  • Flitch Plates 
  • Gallows Brackets 
  • Cranked Beams 
  • Columns 
  • Base Plates