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Site Survey

A site survey is a very popular option with Builders and the general public. The reason being is sometimes you ge a project that requires that extra care and attention, it maybe particular sections that are advanced so need that precise measurement. We can do this for you I will show you a particulier project that comes to mind that we site surveyed and I will demonstrate before and after of the process stages.

Site Meeting

The first step is taking information that our sales team will do they will ask for the following information 

  • Business Name 
  • Contact Information
  • Project Site Address 

Once this has been done we will arrange the site survey gentleman to make contact with you to book a appointment that's good with.

Site Survey example 

This is one that we have completed the project was made via call to sales office, which then was arranged for a site visit. The first thing when that's looked at on site is the project drawings so copies will need to be available onsite when he arrives. He will then do a full site measure on the steels required. 


He will then take the information acquired on site and translate this information into site plan with measurements and steel sections for the draftsman to produse fabrication drawings for the works.

Fabrication Drawings are produced 

Information giving will then be translated further to make the final preparations, these are called fabrication drawings  which are needed for the works to produce the steel beams needed for project. These are all verified via communication from site or Site survey appointed person.

Finished product 

This is the finished product of what the steels will look like when fabricated and welded via the welders and fabricators. These are all welded to the current standerds and 6mm fillet welds and bolts will be all certified.

We then finish the beams off in a coat of grey primer or a red oxide paint this has a protection of microns for the safety onsite.